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Firm Background

Firm Background

National Tax Recovery LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas. The company was founded in 2001 as a Tax Management Consulting firm specializing in Sales & Use Taxes, Hotel Occupancy Taxes, Mixed Beverage Taxes, Franchise Taxes, Corporate Income Taxes, Motor Fuels Taxes, Motor Vehicle Rental Taxes and Federal Income Taxes just to name a few.

National Tax Recovery LLC provides state and local tax management services to a variety of clients ranging from privately held businesses to Fortune 500 companies; including retailers, hospitality and manufacturing companies. Our top professionals bring to our clients more than 50 years of combined tax management experience. Since 2001, National Tax Recovery LLC have saved our clients over 500 million dollars in state & local taxes due to audit reductions and refunds.


Cost cutting and effective expense management are at the forefront of most companies today.  Financial executives make every effort to reduce expenses ranging from slashing department budgets to wholesale organizational changes.  An often overlooked component of expense management is a defined expense recovery process.  Overpayments and overcharges occur in every business despite advances in technology and accounting software. The complexity of today’s business environment, the constant state of change, and the fact that employees are asked to do more are some of the contributing factors to payment errors.
Expense Recovery – A key component of any expense management program.
National Tax Recovery LLC helps our clients take their expense management process to the next level by saving millions of dollars every year in the recovery of duplicate payments, vendor overpayments, unclaimed property, and cost reductions in core business services.  Not only do we recover savings for our clients, we help improve their process to ensure continuous savings for years to come.

        NTR LLC helps ensure…

  • You have no overpaid invoices
  • You don’t pay invoices more than once
  • Recovery money on your behalf from the state or vendor, and issue a resale or exemption certificate.
  • You have secured all unclaimed property from the State
  • That our clients are informed and educated regarding to Sales and Use Taxes
  • You have negotiated the best rate on key business services
  • You have adequate business processes and internal controls surrounding payables processing
  • You have the resources to capitalize on refund opportunities (State & Local Tax Refund).