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The state & local tax refund review generally focuses on state, local and use tax paid on purchases and some miscellaneous revenue accounts covering a three or four year period. Based on the applicable state’s requirements, National Tax Recovery’s consultants require access to your files for those years. A “document request list” is provided to each client for the review period. Accordingly, at the planning meeting, National Tax Recovery's consultants reviews the document request list with the client and details any additional information necessary for NTR LLC to perform the review.

Examples of items typically requested are as follows:

• Monthly General Ledger Detail for “Use Tax” liability account
• Chart of Accounts
• Department and/or Cost Center Listing
• Access to listing for Accounts Payable Files
• Details of Fixed Asset Additions
• Prior or Current State & Local Tax Audit Workpapers
• State & Local and Use Tax Returns
• Prior Refund Workpapers