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Income Tax Advisory Program

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In today’s economy, critical business and individual decisions are being made based on cash availability and profit reinvestments. More and more corporations & individuals today must manage and control their income taxes to achieve long term goals. However, complex laws and required forms often make reporting taxes a difficult task. The proper interpretation of each IRS regulation is essential to achieving equitable filings. Without the proper knowledge and expertise needed to interpret each IRS regulation companies may be subject to income tax overpayments that may erode a company’s ability to modernize facilities and maintain manpower levels. It can also hinder an individual from achieving personal growth. National Tax Recovery LLC’s Income Tax Advisory Division was formed as a direct result of today’s business climate and the increased Federal income tax burden directed toward businesses and individuals. Our tax practice is built on the basic philosophy of providing the highest quality service to our clients with an extra measure of personal attention.

Our Income Tax Advisory Division provides a wide range of accounting and consulting services to individuals, small businesses and other entities, including hotels, retailers, manufactures, estates and trusts, country clubs and the oil and gas industry just to name a few. Among the services provided by this division of National Tax Recovery are:

· Tax planning
· Transactional accounting and preparation of client’s general ledgers
· Preparation of financial statements
· Business performance reviews
· Future strategic planning
· IRS representation services
· Comprehensive tax return preparation for federal and state income, and franchise taxes 

Our Income Tax Advisory Division consists of trained and experience accounting specialists who are committed to providing prompt, accurate work that meets the highest standards and individual needs of each client. State-of-the-art accounting and analytical software helps us to maintain efficient operations.