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State & Local Tax Audit Advisory/Compliance Program

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We all know that paying state and local taxes is just an unavoidable price of doing business. While most companies understand this responsibility and the necessity of paying their fair share of taxes, no company should pay more than its actual share. Our state & local tax professionals will work hand in hand with your company’s personnel to develop and implement tax strategies that will make state & local taxes a controllable expense and explore every legitimate way to limit your tax obligation.

We can develop sophisticated programs that are capable of producing numerous client reports on a property-by-property basis, including tax estimate reports for current periods, tax savings reports and reports for tracking outstanding tax liabilities.

Examples of our State & Local Tax Advisory/Compliance Program that we provide are:

• Develop customized state & local tax manuals to provide guidelines to your tax department & operating personnel to insure compliance with applicable state & local tax laws. The emphasis will be on the identification and documentation of taxable transactions, exemptions and deductions;

• Work hand in hand with the purchasing department and operating personnel to create, implement and maintain state & local tax compliance procedures, including invoice-processing procedures;

• Present state and local seminars to tax and purchasing/accounts payable departments;

• Prepare tax policy ruling requests to insure tax-exempt and taxable status
of items and to document the proper treatment; and

• Prepare and file your company’s state & local tax returns.

The result of our State & Local Tax Advisory/Compliance Program will always translate into savings in excess of costs to implement.