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State & Local Tax Audit Assistance Program

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We cannot stop a business from being subject to a state and local tax audit, but we can assure our clients that they will only be liable for the lowest possible tax audit assessment. At NTR LLC, many of our professionals are former state sales tax auditors. With their keen understanding of the state & local tax audit process, our professionals know what the auditors will be looking for and how information should be presented to them. We have the knowledge, technological ability and experience to help you to navigate the procedural and technical issues associated with your state & local tax audits, and to determine whether a state’s tax audit liability and findings represent more than your fair share.

This knowledge will save our clients money and valuable time.

If we find that your tax liability and findings are inequitable, we will continue to represent your company in an attempt to resolve any outstanding issues. We will also represent your company, when necessary, during any post-audit conferences such as reconciliation conferences, mediation (dispute resolution) conferences and informal administrative hearings.

Our State & Local Tax Audit Assistance Program is a flexible program adaptable to each client’s needs. NTR LLC can handle the state & local tax audit from beginning to end based upon an hourly rate or flat fee arrangement; or review the auditor’s findings at the conclusion of the audit and appeal any assessment based upon a contingent fee.