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With an estimated forty states facing a serious tax deficit as a result today’s weak economy, many states have turned to the expansion of their state and local tax base to compensate for their revenue shortfalls coming from corporate, franchise and individual income taxes.

National Tax Recovery LLC State & Local Tax Division was formed as a direct result of today’s business climate and the increased state and local tax burden directed toward businesses. Dramatic accounting staff changes, resulting from corporate downsizing, mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions have often prevented companies from implementing the necessary procedures to accurately report state and local taxes. NTR LLC is a national consulting firm that specializes in all types of state & local taxes. Our professional staff has a long history of multi-state and multiple tax experience. If there were one single attribute that distinguishes National Tax Recovery LLC from other firms in our industry, it would be the quality of our professional staff and our personal service to our client. Our professional staff is better educated, more experienced and more qualified than our competitors and most of the state & local taxing authorities. We are prepared to handle virtually any issue arising from state & local taxes.

As we work through particular tax issues with our clients, we share what we know and pass on our knowledge to them in the form of ongoing support and training. We believe that the more we educate our clients, the stronger our relationships with them become.

Recovery of Overpaid State and Local Tax   -   Audit Assistance
Compliance and Advisory Service   -   Tax Return Preparation

We specialize in identifying areas of overpayments and correcting them,
resulting in recovery of money for many companies which ordinarily would be lost.