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State & Local Tax Refund Program

State & Local Tax Refund Program

In these lean economic times, few companies can afford the luxury of spending valuable time, energy and expertise uncovering areas of overpayments and tax exemptions. The state & local tax laws of most states provide broad exemptions for purchases used in many industries.We have found that most businesses have overpaid some amount of state & local tax by not taking full advantage of all available exemptions.Failure to take advantage of all available exemptions and tax overpayments can substantially increase your company’s cost of operations. These overpayments can add up to thousands and some times millions of dollars.

Our State & Local Tax Refund Program identifies any state & local tax that qualifies for exemption. The review usually covers a three or four-year period based on the applicable state’s recovery period. Our State & Local Tax Refund Service is a four-step process in which we:

• Perform a “state & local tax refund audit” to identify and determine the actual amount of overpayment that may be available to you;

• Compile the information and documentation required to obtain the refund; and,

• Secure the refund directly from the State or vendor.


Prior to filing the amended returns, claim forms or vendor notifications, National Tax Recovery LLC, will discuss and review with the client all issues related to the refund and/or credit request. Our State & Local Tax Refund Service is a win-win situation for our clients. First, it can lead to the recovery of substantial amounts of money. Second, in the unlikely event that we do not find legitimate tax refunds and/or credits, you do not have to pay us for our services. Because our professionals summarize their findings and update company personnel on the proper treatment of issues encountered, our clients realize 100% of future savings from previous areas of overpayments.